5 Crucial Things to Consider while Choosing a Wedding Photographer

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The right photos for your day.As cliché as it may sound, getting married is an important decision, and inevitably one of the most crucial days of your life. Those moments have to be cherished and captured in as many photographs as possible. You will definitely want someone who is the best to capture when you walk down the aisle, cut your wedding cake, and your first dance with your spouse. 

Choosing the best wedding photographer is an important task as the photographs will remain with you forever. One of the basic things that you need to keep in mind is the availability of the wedding photographer. If she/he is a known name in the wedding industry, chances are that they are already booked.

Here are some more useful tips, which will help you make the right decision while choosing a wedding photographer.

#1-Glamorous or Simple?

You will have to first decide on the type of wedding you want. Is it a simple one with toned down colors or a glamorous wedding with lots of aplomb. Accordingly, the wedding photographer Kapiti has to choose whether to take candid photographs or simple ones where everybody is posing.

#2-Previous Work/Portfolio

Since you will be searching everywhere for the best wedding photographer Lower Hutt, one thing to keep in mind is to check his/her previous works or portfolio. By going through the wedding photographer’s portfolio, it will help you narrow down prospective photographers. It will also give you an idea of what kind of pictures is he/she capable of taking. Does he/she have the eye to spot important moments and capture them instantaneously?

#3-Packages and Deals

Another factor that you will have to decide is the level of service that the wedding photographer offers. Will it be a few hours on the day of the wedding or will you be hiring him for a package deal? A package deal usually covers pre-engagement ceremony, rehearsal dinner/brunch, solo photographs and others. Choose the one that you prefer, since undoubtedly, you'll never get those moments back.


After you have gone through the wedding photographer’s website, portfolio, and decided upon a suitable package, the next step is to finalize the cost. Usually, the cost is proportional to the package that you opt for. If the package is for a few days, then the charges will be on the higher side. However, you can always bargain with the wedding photographer and come up with an amount that suits both, you and the photographer.

Since weddings can get emotional, making a decision regarding anything to do with the wedding can cloud your thought process. The same goes for choosing the best wedding photographer; your emotions may come in the way. So, try and remain practical. Set a budget for the wedding photographer Wellington, and ensure that you don't go beyond that.


You will have to sit down with your photographer and enquire about the kind of equipment he/she will use. For better quality image, a DLSR camera needs to be used. The wedding photographer may require a tri-pod or a video camera to shoot some part of the wedding. These things have to be discussed before the big day, so that you are not disappointed on the day of your wedding.